Insights on designs that will sell

A winning sales and marketing strategy for real estate developers does not start when a building is complete; it starts before breaking ground. ON Collaborative gets involved from the very beginning, and takes an active role in project design. Expansive market analysis of developing trends in amenities and other buyer triggers promotes a buyer-centric view that guides all of ON Collaborative’s recommendations. ON Collaborative’s insights help clients understand and meet buyer expectations.

Real estate design experience gives clients unique insight
Design is crucial to every successful marketing plan. ON Collaborative understands the need to deliver living spaces that are functional and meet the needs and wants of every type of buyer. That understanding informs ON Collaborative’s recommendations to developers, and allows it to shape a marketing plan from the inception of every project. ON Collaborative’s team actually knows how to read blueprints and understands the opportunities and constraints of everything from floor layouts to building materials. That knowledge allows ON Collaborative to make design recommendations brokers would never, and could never, offer. That translates into superior sales.

We know what adds value, and what does not
ON Collaborative understands that every decision to add amenities or modify designs has a cost, so it makes astute design decisions that meet market demands and maximize returns by focusing on actions with demonstrable and quantifiable value-add. ON Collaborative identifies buyers’ expectations of every asset class, from the demand for luxury fixtures and finishes in condos to the layouts and space allocations popular with multifamily buyers. ON Collaborative identifies what amenities fit with millennial lifestyles, women’s lifestyles young families and baby boomers.