Building winning strategies from the ground up

Smart planning is the basis of success in every endeavor. ON Collaborative develops and executes comprehensive, carefully conceived and effective programming recommendations that cover every aspect of a project from start to finish.

A holistic approach to programming
A successful program involves everything from site selection to planning and executing sales programs. Beginning with site analysis, ON Collaborative evaluates and analyzes every aspect of a development and its surrounding environment to make value-enhancing recommendations. ON Collaborative’s extensive knowledge of asset design stretches beyond determining buyer demands to the intimate understanding of the nuts and bolts of physical elements — from floor plan layout to finish design. This acumen sets ON Collaborative apart from other real estate sales experts and brokers. To ensure unit sales, ON Collaborative recommends appropriate product types and unit mixes.

Intelligent programming to maximize sales
ON Collaborative makes site and design recommendations focused on the ultimate goal: achieving full occupancy. A deep understanding of buyer demographics and psychographics help ON Collaborative pinpoint value-enhancing features, layouts, finishes and amenities and set pricing that will achieve this goal and maximize profits. These recommendations extend to every stage of the sales process, and are informed by programming decisions made at a project’s inception.