Onsite, accountable, and value-oriented – our dedicated real estate sales team

An exceptional sales campaign starts with an exceptional story. ON Collaborative defines the buyer journey from start to finish. At every step, analytics-driven knowledge is used to understand both the product and buyer’s needs to create stories that are compelling to buyers and maximize sale prices.

Analytics-driven sales strategy
ON Collaborative leverages data from real estate marketing analytics and reporting tools to deliver sales programs that adapt to market demand. These programs include targeted real estate sales strategies that feature a unique combination of data-driven unit-release and pricing models that guarantee flexible and responsive sales.

Seamless integration and total accountability
Unlike residential real estate agents who work for themselves, ON Collaborative sales teams are rigorously trained, onsite sales agents dedicated to one client and development at a time. They are solely and totally aligned with clients’ goals to ensure sales velocity and prices that maximize returns. An ON Collaborative sales team is an extension of the developer—and a true partner throughout the project.

A culture driven by quantifying values and outcomes
ON Collaborative’s sales culture is the same as a developer’s culture—but with a twist: the developer’s mindset is totally embraced by its dedicated salespeople. Everything ON Collaborative does is measured to create tangible results. ON Collaborative’s sales teams, unlike brokers, are committed to selling out your building without the distraction of chasing their next resale.